WAAM3D Industries

Industries we serve!

We are the global leader in offering WAAM technology and solutions to aerospace, energy, marine, mining, catapult centres and other research bodies.


We have developed state-of-the-art WAAM additive manufacturing technologies that help our customers create outstanding AM solutions for large-scale industrial metal components.

We have experience of creating components, using large-scale metal additivemanufacturing, for the aerospace, energy, marine and mining industries. We alsosupport a number of Catapult centres and other research bodies that are workingon the latest innovations in manufacturing.

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We offer full-service metal additive manufacturing for manufacturers of highly critical metal components and structures.


One Off

Mechanical test pieces, prototypes and demonstrators for technology validation.


Small Batches

We can deliver parts in as-built or finished conditions
While RoboWAAM prints, you can have immediate confidence that it’s doing it right, free of charge.


First Right Parts

We develop and validate build strategy and parameters for our manufacturing partners to put into serial production.


Wire arc additive manufacturing enables the manufacture of components up to very large size and mass, whether in titanium, steel, nickel, bronze or aluminium.

Cladding & Repair

Extend the useful life of your component by applying wear-resistant layers using wire arc metal additive manufacturing, or repair parts to improve the environmental performance of your organisation.


Overcome challenges with large castings, spare parts and the cost of corrosion-resistant components. WAAM process offers cost savings while maintaining excellent material and structure integrity for large-scale parts in bronze, titanium or stainless steel.


Develop intellectual property, deliver grants, write high-impact papers, and support your local industrial ecosystem by exploiting our open-architecture hardware-software platforms


Deliver on your sustainability agenda, make your supply chain more manageable, increase your negotiation power and reduce your project’s lead-time with WAAM. Including; - Oil - Gas - Renewables - Nuclear


Benefit from the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of WAAM, for small or large batches of high-value products. Explore design consolidation to simplify your manufacturing operations and reduce the cost of integration for structures used in the commercial, defence or space sectors.