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Explore design consolidation to simplify your manufacturing operations and reduce the cost of integration for structures used in the commercial, defence or space sectors.

Benefit from the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of WAAM, for small or large batches of high-value products. With WAAM it is possible to create large-scale, very near net shape preforms.A variety of aerospace components are already benefitting from WAAM, including Ti–6Al–4V spars and landing gear assemblies, aluminium wing ribs, and steel and aluminium wind tunnel models.

Cost Reductions

With WAAM you can do away with complex forging tooling, moulds or dies; with reduced material usage parts are cheaper to produce.

Lead-time reduction

Large forgings can be up to 14 months (with an additional 4 months for roughing and finishing), WAAM can reduce this process to weeks.

Waste reduction

WAAM process creates near net shape components with better material utilisation. For example, a reduction of BTF to <2 could lead to cost savings of up to 70% compared to machining the component from solid.

Component life extension

WAAM has long been used to extend the life of components, delivering environmental and cost benefits.

Design flexibility and agility

Unlike forging, producing components using the WAAM process takes just weeks, providing the rapidly changing aerospace sector with more flexible options for component design changes.

Simplified supply chains

WAAM can enable onshoring of metal parts and local management of spare parts and repairs.

Improved properties

With our patented in-process cold-work solutions you can achieve forged-like mechanical properties even in WAAM structures.

Here are some of the partners and customers we are proud to be working with.


“I am really happy with how this first interaction with WAAM3D has gone, from the support in reaching a good design solution to how rapidly the additional material was deposited for addressing shrinkage issues. We now have a functional part that we can all be proud of and a better understanding of the advantages of the WAAM process.”

James Alderman

Principal Aerodynamics Engineer


Case Studies

Case Study

A320 Aft Pylon Bracket Mount

A320 Aft Pylon Bracket Mount

Built in titanium and with in-process cold work

Case Study

Titanium Tank

Titanium Tank

A pressure vessel for space exploration

Case Study

Landing Gear Rib

Landing Gear Rib

Double sided deposition and multiple build-strategies.

Case Study

ARA Nose Cone

ARA Nose Cone

WAAM3D and Aircraft Research Association Ltd (ARA) have partnered to manufacture an aluminium nose cone.