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high quality 3D parts

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We want to transfer some of our knowledge and expertise to our customers to enable you to get the most out of the WAAM process.

WAAM3D is a company born out of academic research at Cranfield University. Our experts are pioneers in WAAM technology. We do that by starting with consultancy and part design, continuing with business case assessment, life cycle analysis and printing of demonstrator parts, ending with detailed, in-depth training for your operators and engineers.

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Helping you with first right part building, technology qualification and exploitation.

Business Case Development

Pinpointing components suitable for WAAM in your bill of materials might seem like a daunting task. We are happy to help you identify where opportunities may exist, based on several years of experience in parts screening, cost estimations and business case evaluations. We can then provide you with production or procurement costs to help you build your business case and promote successful implementation of WAAM technology.

Technology Qualification

We can supply you with specimens and components needed to qualify WAAM processes and technology within your organisation. We can also leverage our academic network to provide additional characterisation and a deeper understanding of the material and heat source interaction.

First right part building

We will develop and validate build strategy and parameters for your components. We then pass these to one of our manufacturing partners or directly to you for serial production.


With our strong academic heritage and years of lecturing experience, we look forward to shaping your operators and engineers into the WAAM experts of the future.


If you want to industrialise WAAM processes and technologies in your organisation, we can advise you on what RoboWAAM variant to select, where to procure your material, which post-processing companies to partner with; as well as support you with training and skills development. Alternatively, we can make capacity available to you within our manufacturing network and deliver finished parts on your doorstep, ready for installation.

Customised System Design

We love to make the seemingly impossible possible. Talk to us if you have special requirements that go beyond what our catalogue systems can offer.

We offer three training packages
for the WAAM process.

All three training packages are designed to develop knowledge and skills on the fundamentals of the WAAM process, technology and component manufacture for both additive manufacturing engineers and machine operators.

Whilst “WAAM Process Fundamentals” can be taken by anyone, the “Machine Operation and Component Manufacture”, and the “Advanced Component Manufacture” packages can only be taken by current or prospective WAAM3D customers. These packages are heavily based on WAAM3D’s products and would not be relevant for anyone outside of the WAAM3D ecosystem.


WAAM Process Fundamentals

The scope of this training package is to introduce the fundamentals of the WAAM process and its value chain. After completion, trainees will know all the operations involved in going from a 3D model to a WAAM component, as well as an understanding of the challenges involved in the WAAM process and its metallurgical aspects.




RoboWAAM operation and component manufacture

The scope of this training package is to allow engineers and operators to safely and efficiently use RoboWAAM. After the completion of this training, trainees will be capable of preparing a WAAM build from scratch, independently setting up and using RoboWAAM to deposit their components, and analysing post-build data.




Advanced component manufacture

You no longer need to struggle with large castings, spare parts and the cost of corrosion-resistant components. WAAM process offers cost savings while maintaining excellent material and structure integrity for large-scale parts in bronze, titanium or stainless steel.




We offer support packages as part of your annual subscription.

WAAM3D is around the world helping you make WAAM a success, wherever you may be.

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