Large-format metal 3D printing

State-of-the-art robot-based turnkey system, engineered and built for WAAM in the UK

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A cost-effective path to research and part building

Versatile CNC-based turnkey system, with all the intelligence and robustness of its bigger sibling.

showcasing the software on the robowaam enclosure


The eyes and brains of the WAAM process

Real-time process monitoring and control, with build data storage for RoboWAAM and MiniWAAM.


WAAM done right

State-of-the-art WAAM additive manufacturing technologies and solutions for large-scale industrial metal components.

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A cost-effective path to research and part building

Versatile CNC-based turnkey system, with all the intelligence and robustness of its bigger sibling.

A vending machine in a dark room with neon lights.

We have developed state-of-the-art WAAM additive manufacturing technologies that help our customers implementing outstanding AM solutions for large-scale industrial metal components.

Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing enables the manufacture of components up to very large size and mass, whether in titanium, steel, bronze, nickel, or aluminium.

Advantages of using WAAM Technology.

Cost reductions

With no forging tooling or casting dies, and with reduced material usage, parts are cheaper to produce.

Waste Reduction

WAAM process creates near net shape components needing minimal finishing, minimising machining swarf and raw material usage.

Simplified supply chains

WAAM can enable onshoring of metal parts and local management of spare parts and repairs.

Improved Properties

With our patented in-process cold-work solutions you can achieve forged-like mechanical properties for your parts.

Fabrication Elimination

You will get the freedom and flexibility to merge multiple parts into a single part designed specifically for AM.

Lead Time Reduction

Your parts can be procured much more quickly leveraging on WAAM’s digital process workflow.

Introducing WAAM3D RoboWAAM™

RoboWAAM, our wire arc additive manufacturing machine, was first commissioned in 2020. Our MKII machine, powered by the operating system WAAMCtrl, has novel sensors, specialised end-effectors and advanced health and safety solutions.

WAAM3D RoboWAAM enclosure in manufacturing environment

Introducing the first end-to-end software.

We have developed the first end-to-end software workflow for large-scale metal 3D printing. From tool path planning, to deposition simulation, to process monitoring and control, to data analysis.

showcasing the software on the robowaam enclosure

Industry world-class quality wire for WAAM.

Our world-class quality wire for WAAM process has specially developed chemistries offering excellent feedstock, delivering consistent, high-quality deposition.

WAAM3D material packaging

The expertise from years of research.

We carry out business case and life cycle assessments to ensure WAAM is right for you. We offer consultancy, prototyping, full project management, and training for operators and engineers.

WAAM3D image showing presentation to individuals

Industries WE SERVE

Cladding & Repair

Extend the useful life of your component by applying wear-resistant layers using wire arc metal additive manufacturing, or repair parts to improve the environmental performance of your organisation.

Extend with

Cladding & Repair


Overcome challenges with large castings, spare parts and the cost of corrosion-resistant components. WAAM process offers cost savings while maintaining excellent material and structure integrity for large-scale parts in bronze, titanium or stainless steel.

Make a Splash



Develop intellectual property, deliver grants, write high-impact papers, and support your local industrial ecosystem by exploiting our open-architecture hardware-software platforms.

Academia & Industrial Research



Deliver on your sustainability agenda, make your supply chain more manageable, increase your negotiation power and reduce your project’s lead-time with WAAM. Including; - Oil - Gas - Renewables - Nuclear

Power your agenda



Benefit from the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of WAAM, for small or large batches of high-value products. Explore design consolidation to simplify your manufacturing operations and reduce the cost of integration for structures used in the commercial, defence or space sectors.

Explore the possibilities



Helping you with first right part building, technology qualification and exploitation.


"Working with WAAM3D is a guarantee of success that reduces the risks and costs of developing new products using DED-Arc (WAAM) technology. For us, WAAM3D is a provider of premium materials to achieve the highest levels of quality and a single-stop solution provider where we can solve the most demanding challenges of this technology. Working with the WAAM3D team is always a very positive experience."

Pedro Alvarez



"WAAMCtrl will provide full traceability for the user of issues that are discovered during and after subsequent deposits. If an issue was deemed to be material related and full traceability of suppliers' spools were maintained it would be possible to investigate if any issues occurred during the production of that spool."

Daniel Barber

Managing Director

Perryman Europe Ltd

“I am really happy with how this first interaction with WAAM3D has gone, from the support in reaching a good design solution to how rapidly the additional material was deposited for addressing shrinkage issues. We now have a functional part that we can all be proud of and a better understanding of the advantages of the WAAM process.”

James Alderman

Principal Aerodynamics Engineer



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WAAM – a Sustainable Solution

WAAM can offer manufacturers significant carbon emission and carbon footprint reductions. The WAAM component demonstrated a 40% reduction in environmental impact compared to the demonstration part made using traditional, subtractive fabrication approaches.

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Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing(WAAM) is a large-scale 3D printing technology. We answer some of our most frequently asked questions in this blog: What are the advantages of WAAM? Where can the WAAM process be used? And all basic information related to WAAM.