Power your agenda with energy


Deliver on your sustainability agenda, make your supply chain more manageable, increase your negotiation power and reduce your project’s lead-time with WAAM.

Components used in the energy sector, such as mechanical seals, flanges and Christmas trees, are already benefitting from WAAM technology. WAAM creates large-scale, very near net shape preforms without the need for complex tooling, moulds or dies, whilst minimising machining activities.

Lead time reduction and more predictable schedule

Traditional procurement can take up to 24 months. WAAM can reduce this process to weeks.

Cost reduction

WAAM enables better material utilisation, and the reduction of inventory and logistics costs by focusing on local, on-demand manufacture. Helping companies to resolve spare part production and repair issues, quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.

More flexible supply chain

With significant pressure on supply chains and high production and transportation costs companies are onshoring and looking for new, more flexible and reliable technologies that can be employed closer to their sites - such as WAAM.

Environmental benefits

The targeted usage of raw material in the WAAM process offers the potential to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of manufactured large and medium scale components.

Extends component life

WAAM has long been used to extend the life of components, delivering even greater environmental and cost benefits.

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