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Overcome challenges with large castings, spare parts and the cost of corrosion-resistant components. WAAM process offers cost savings while maintaining excellent material and structure integrity for large-scale parts in bronze, titanium or stainless steel.

WAAM process is ideal for critical industries such as the marine sector, which uses large components pushed to their limits in aggressive environments. WAAM will deliver rapid product replacement, or repair at a reasonable cost.

Cost reductions

Moving away from castings means minimising non-recurring costs. Energy consumption efficiencies compared with forging and casting, and savings in raw material cost will deliver significant saving.


Metal additive manufacturing can significantly reduce your environmental impact by using less energy and less raw material, and by producing fewer carbon dioxide emissions. WAAM process creates near net shape components that generate less material waste.

Simplified supply chains

WAAM can enable onshoring of metal parts and local management of spare parts and repairs, with RoboWAAM machines located in shipyards all over the world.

Mechanical integrity

Using our patented in-process cold-work solutions you can achieve forged-like mechanical properties for your parts.

Lead time reduction

Your parts can be produced more quickly and closer to the site of use leveraging on WAAM’s digital process workflow.

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