Develop Intellectual property, deliver world-leading research


Develop intellectual property, deliver grants, write high-impact papers, and support your local industrial ecosystem by exploiting our open-architecture hardware-software platforms.

We know that manufacturing processes of the future cannot rely on hardware from the past. RoboWAAM is the result of two decades of R&D work at Cranfield University. Our vision for an integrated system is now a reality. Our expertise, software and now RoboWAAM will support your next R&D project from developing IP and gaining funding to delivering your next research study.

Reconfiguration capability of WAAM3D machines

RoboWAAM has the flexibility to accommodate a variety of part geometries (frame structures as well as rotational components) and features the highest payload, largest build volume and the most on-board sensors of all the wire-DED systems currently available.

WAAM3D R&D expertise

Born out of decades of R&D ourselves we understand your R&D needs.

WAAM3D ecosystem

We have a full service offer from consultancy and design know-how to end-to end WAAM software, advanced WAAM hardware and the best quality metal wire materials.

Testing new materials

There is no limit to the types of material that can be tested and printed using WAAM, particularly using the Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) process.

Test new parameters

Benefit from automatic process parameter calculations, or create your own process parameters if you want to see what is possible with both new and existing alloys.

Keep track of variables

Keep track of your R&D project’s variables with our built-in process monitoring and control software – 20 sensors update data tens of times per second.

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