WAAM3D joins the celebrations for the 60th anniversary of Cranfield University's Welding Engineering MSc

Professor Dame Helen Atkinson, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing at Cranfield University, and Professor Konstantinos Salonitis, deputy head of the Manufacturing Department, welcomed the alumni.

After Dr Graeme Barritte and Dr Supriyo Ganguly opened the day, Prof John Norrish, Dr David Yapp, and Dr Paul Colegrove, former course directors, gave an overview of the many results in Welding Engineering from the research and education standpoints achieved over the last six decades.

Alumni said a a few words on where they are now, and recalled funny moments from the years spent on Cranfield University's campus.

Prof Stewart Williams, Head of the Welding Engineering and Laser Processing Centre at Cranfield University and WAAM3D's Technical Director, recapped the Centre's evolution since he joined in 2005. His presentation was followed by updates on the latest research from Dr Jialuo Ding (also CTO of WAAM3D) and Dr Wojchiech Suder, Senior Lecturer at Cranfield.

The first day was completed by an evening reception.

On Day 2, alumni were given tours and demonstrations at the welding lab at Cranfield, followed by a visit of WAAM3D's headquarters in Milton Keynes. Here, Dr Filomeno Martina and Dr Neil Woodward, CEO and COO respectively, illustrated how WAAM3D is going from spin-out company to established industrial player: from Cranfield’s core competences (processes, software, and hardware), to WAAM3D’s suite of innovative products and services, WAAM3D is becoming the only provider of a total technology solution that covers the entire WAAM value chain.