Advanced Technology. Advanced Hardware

Design, print and repair large scale metal parts using our state-of-the-art advanced hardware.


The manufacturing process of the future cannot rely on hardware from the past.

From sensors to end-effectors and automation to health & safety, we have put you, the user, at the core of our hardware design process. We have redefined what state of the art means, in and around the deposition volume, to give you the best possible experience. What’s more, it all comes together in a vehicle through which we enable you to make the best possible parts: RoboWAAM.


The best features of RoboWAAM are the ones you do not see: on board fumes treatment, automatic deposition environment purging, quick wire changeover system, and the 20 sensors keeping an eye on the key process variables, tens of times per second.

End Effectors

Much more than a welding torch needs to go at the end of a robot. Our end effectors measure temperatures, provide melt pool imaging, house ShapeTechTM, and with the local-shielding option they also protect reactive materials from oxidation. For PTA options, they also feature automatic positioning of the wire within the plasma arc, to further ensure consistent deposition.


RoboWAAM™ Platform

RoboWAAM is the result of two decades of R&D work, printing component after component for particularly challenging projects across several industries. Our most meticulous stakeholders have informed our vision for an integrated system which can do what it says on the tin: deliver excellent parts.



Across the many firsts featured on RoboWAAM, ShapeTechTM is the most impressive. Say goodbye to laser scanners or touch probes. ShapeTechTM is powered by interferometric technology to provide real-time geometrical data, stored on WAAMCtrl®’s server and shown within WAAMCtrl® process dashboard. Not just the layer height, but the full 3D profile of what you are depositing, live.

While RoboWAAM prints, you can have immediate confidence that it’s doing it right, free of charge.


Deposition processes - Plasma and CMT

Depending on your requirements in terms of a part’s materials and geometries, together we can select the most suitable WAAM process to power your RoboWAAM.