Build Flexibility

Choose process parameters for your own R&D or when working with materials outside of our library

Fool proof Printing

Set material-specific primary process parameters to ensure you print the correct geometry, with no defects.

Advanced Technology

Advanced parameters variation strategies for managing local changes in thermal inertia (available for PTA only)

Eliminates defects and keeps the layer height under control using our growing list of material-specific algorithms that automatically allocate process parameters all around the tool path. Depending on the chosen WAAM process, we also offer compensation strategies that deal with changes in thermal inertia.

Knowing how to set material-specific primary process parameters such as wire feed speed, travel speed and current will ensure that you print the correct geometry, with no defects.

Doing it right is the holy grail of additive manufacturing and developing the knowledge to be consistently successful takes time and money. This is especially true when dealing with geometrically-intricate parts where the thermal inertia often changes.

We want our customers to enjoy 3D metal printing as much as possible and to be ready to print as soon as RoboWAAM is with you. We have developed methods and tools to calculate these process parameters for you, feature by feature, material by material. Of course, you still retain the freedom to play with your own parameters; but for materials in our library, you can leave the hard bit to us.